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    Ford Conservation &Environmental Grants, China (CEGC) 2018

    Ford Conservation &Environmental Grants, China (CEGC) is an important component of “Ford Better World program”. CEGC began in 1983, its aim is to encourage people from all walks of the society to actively protect their local environment and natural resources. With the participants coming from 62 countries and regions around the world, it has now become one of the world's largest grantin environmental protection area. Since 2000, CEGC began to run in China. So far, it has funded 421 outstanding environmental groups and individuals, and its grants have been up to 24.1 million RMB.

    Over the past 18 years, CEGC has been unsteadily discovering, commending and supporting outstanding non-governmental environmental organizations. During this period, they have evolved from individual heroic dedication into team work  led by a group of passionate environmentalists, then into practice of professional organizations. The development of non-governmental environmental organizations has stepped onto a new stage of systematization and professionalization. CEGC also constantly explores and adjusts its grants in order to actively respond to the key issues and the most urgent needs of the development of non-governmental environmental organizations, such as successively supporting youth and community environmental protection projects. CEGC strives to maximize the value of the limited grants by funding the most needed places.

    Nowadays, the construction of national ecological civilization system encourages diversify participation of the society. In this context, non-governmental environmental organizations not only have to solve environmental problems in a passive way, but also need to actively participate in the process of constructing the social environmental governance system and promote changes within it. Therefore CEGC has been cooperating with non-governmental environmental organizations to seize the opportunities and rise to the challenges to gain a place in the social environmental governance system and play a greater role in environmental protection field. 

    Since 2017

    CEGC has been upgraded in the following two aspects:

    Support the excellent non-governmental environmental organizations who pursue systematic changes and have made outstanding contributions in environment protection.

    Non-governmental environmental organizations have to take a full consideration of the social and economic background and the development trend of environmental issues, identify key stakeholders effectively, drive them to participate in the social environment governance system and jointly solve environmental problems through supervising, mobilizing, coordinating and providing policy assistance etc.,

    CEGC supports the excellent non-governmental environmental organizations with systematic thinking, and helps them to carry out excellent practices and leading exploration continuously and deeply. Meanwhile, CEGC promotes knowledge and experience of awardees to motivate the development of environmental protection field.

    Support the non-governmental environmental organizations to grow from good to great.

    CEGC grants can be used independently and flexibly, which means they can be used to enhance the capacity of organization’s sustainable development , such as talents cultivation , R&D and project operation. In addition, CEGC will provide more valuable resources for awardees beyond financial supports, including communication networks and cooperating with them to promote the development of specified environmental topics.

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